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Saturday, October 02, 2004

Chess and the fever

Truly testing my resolve today and yesterday as I've come down with a cold. Ok, it's not a bad cold, but it would be good enough to rationalize begging off chess vision drills. Nonetheless, since I'm mostly moping around the house anyway,I've been doing them on and off today most of the day. In fact, I was able to spend the afternoon watching Kramnik slowly lose to Leko. Endgames are so much more fun when you can watch somebody else slowly twist on a spit. It helps too that you have a pretty good idea what the player should do because you can check his moves on Fritz. If find myself thinking ridiculous thoughts like "How could you move that pawn to h4? It's obvious you reach a lost king and pawn endgame 17 moves from now!" This from me who has trouble keeping track of whether or not a pawn will be in square two moves from now when I play OTB.

Got about another half an hour to do tonight and then it will be --
11 down, 144 to go


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