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Sunday, October 03, 2004

I think I can safely conclude that there is not a lot to be said for playing chess while on valium

What Tony Miles said of valium is equally applicable to benadryl as I discovered last night. I wanted to run through some knight concentric square drills. This was productive for about twenty minutes until the drugs started to take effect. After I woke from a daze for the third time thinking "Whose move is it?", I decided to call it a night.

Feeling better today. I discovered that I had incorrectly been donig one of the bishop patterns which has prompted me to double check them all in slow mo. I found another fork that I had been missing with the rook on c3 (queen on e1 works in addition to the skewers). Word to the wise, you might invest a little time in the first couple of days to slowly finding each pattern and double checking. Using pawns to symbolize queens is a good way to get all the possibilities on the board. So far I haven't found more than 8 solutions for anyone position.

12 down, 143 to go.


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