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Friday, November 05, 2004

Couldn't stay away

Played a rated game in club last night. Had the black side of a classical Ruy. Played pretty well with one stumble where I hung a pawn. Fortunately I had some compensation and was able to regain it. Ultimately, I was able to grind out the win at the end of 2 hours with a nifty zugswang.

I accepted the resignation of my 9 year old opponent. Chess is so humbling.

Sancho is taking a slightly different tack on the adventure. Rather than grinding on the probs, he looks at the answer if he doesn't see it after a minute. I try it for a full 5 miutes before giving up. His way certainly would do more to promote pattern recognition. My way would, I think, tend to build up the "calculation muscle" a bit more. I dunno though. I might not be able to see forest from the trees.

Still working it.

44 days down, 111 to go
470 probs down, 739 to go in Circle 1


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