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Friday, October 22, 2004

Perhaps something to this

I did 34 probs yesterday as scheduled. I am little ahead since I am playing in a tournament this weekend.

I am noticing that there is a theme to the problems that I miss. In 84 problems, I have missed maybe 4-5. With the exception of the one where I should have been going for a stalemate they were all "Lack of King defense" themes, almost always involving the queen and a couple of pawns. In each case, I made a strong move that won the exchange or something but missed forced mate. Apparently, I often overlook the knockout punches.

Last night I was playing a rated game at chess club. In reviewing that game later that night I noticed that I missed a mate in 2 towards the end of the game. I opted for a line that won a rook (and the game) but it was unnecessary. Reminds me of a wild game I played against an A player last year where I was pressing and we were in mutual time trouble. There I missed forced mate in 3 and ended up losing the game.

I guess I need to remember to swing for the head.

30 days down, 125 to go
84 probs down, 1125 to go in Circle One


  • "Don said...
    So Sancho, my laconic friend, how's it going? Does your family think you're a nut job for doing chess exercises? Any tournaments coming up soon?"

    Nah my family knows I'm a nut job. :)
    This just keeps them from being dissapointed.

    As far as tournaments, just some local stuff. I'd like to play in a few large tournaments the first part of next year.
    How about yourself?

    By Blogger Sancho Pawnza, at 10:29 PM  

  • I'm hoping to get a nice weekend swiss in sometime shortly after the new year.

    By Blogger Don Q., at 8:48 PM  

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