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Sunday, October 10, 2004

Welcome Sancho!

Sancho Pawnza had jumped in with both feet. His adventures can be followed at It makes me especially proud that I have convinced someone else to waste an otherwise productive life by drilling chess tactics. Thanks to all who send in words of encouragement. Fun to receive replies from familiar places like North Carloina to spots as far off as Austria.

Still working on the knight circuit. Quite a few options. Must say that it is worth going through the first "knight site" drill even though it seems pretty useless. Knight's squares are "popping out" a bit more each time I do them.

Spent a good part of the day watching Peter Leko manage to draw a lost game. His ability to escape with a draw today may be his most impressive feat of the match. GM Pfleger must have been reading my blog because he was not the "Yes Man" of earlier broadcasts. The commentary was actually quite good, and I am well pleased with my 10 euro expenditure. I was however disapointed that the sandwich made no comment.

My oldest daughter is ectastic because she wants Leko to win. I have told her that I think Kasparov stands a better chance against Leko than Kramnik. She has been a fan of the Beast of Baku since the tender age of 6. Go figure.

18 down, 137 to go


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