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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Knight Sight

Last night was the first night of the "Knight Sight" drills. Oh boy, it's gonna be a long two weeks. Not too interesting, but I suppose drills are not supposed to be. Made it through the first exercise where you hit each square the knight can move to. did it three times and had to move on.

After that I went on to trying to figure out all the minimal paths from d5 to other squares. This was more interesting. I spent a fair amount on time calculating all the minmal paths from d5 to d4 (I got 12). Having learned from last time, I wanted to spend more time making sure I got the patterns right up front. From there I continued to move around d5 in the same pattern as the concentric square exercise. Since I'm an idiot, I did this by changing the square I was starting on rather than the one I was moving to. Started on d4, moved to d3; started on e4, moved to e3; etc. It was only later than night that it occurred to me that I should start on d5, move to d4; start on d5 move to e4; etc.

No harm done , but I did have to explain to my half asleep wife why I suddenly went "Doh!" at 11:00 PM. Actually trying to explain it was also a mistake. "You see, it's actually kinda funny because the pattern doesn't shift ... well until you get to the third rank ... well, actually , anything that was three squares from the edge which would include the c file, the f file, and the sixth rank , provided that you are moving in the direction of the edge of the board ...". She got that look I get when she tells about me about felting.

15 down, 140 to go


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