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Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Chess commentary of GM Jussupov's sandwich

Well I've already exceeded the time I expected to stick with this by ... oh, I dunno ... eight days. I have completed the first half of the chess vision drills by doing the concentric square exercises for an hour(more or less) with the bishop,rook and knight using the king on d5. I stopped doing the queen as it was too easy. Tonight, rather than watch the vice-presidential debate, I ran through each piece 5 times in less than an hour. I'd say have the patterns prety well down. Time to more on to "knight sight" drills and then start moving the king around a bit. The drills are less boring than they were a week ago. I guess it is more fun to recall a pattern than to think out all possible angles again and again.

GM Jussupov's sandwich
Had the opportunity to watch the Leko-Kramnik game today live. Since it was such a rare privilege, I even ponied up 10 euros to listen to the live commentary GM Pfleger, GM Jussupov, and GM Jussupov's sandwich (presumably at least a FM). I think it is a mistake to have more than one GM commenting live on a game. It gets to be like one of those post-game analysis sessions where everyone agrees with the club champion.

Pfleger: Vat about RFB8 here?
Jussupov: [Stony German Silence]
Pfleger: Dis defends the B7 pawn ...
Jussupov: I don't think this is good.
Pfleger: Yes, of course, me neither.

I was pleased that, though I didn't pay for it, I was allowed to hear the commentary of GM Jussupov's sandwich throughout the game. Whenever Jussupov was thinking particualrly hard, you would hear the crinkle, crinkle of a sandwich being unwrapped. Sounded like the white deli paper, perhaps a brown paper bag.

Pfleger: I dink vhite has no vinning chances here ... Vat? NF3?
Jussupov's sandwich: [Crinkle, crinkle]
Pfleger: I dink vhite must play f4 ...
Jussupov' sandwich: [crunch, crunch -- (presumably some some of rueben with sour kraut, perhaps a few large pickles. very crunchy. Perhaps he has gotten some of the paper]
Pfleger: Dis ist madness. Vite must play for ze draw vhen black has ze two bishops...
Jussupov: ... I think this is good move.
Pfleger: Yes, of course, me too.

I look forward to the sandwich's continuing commentary this weekend.

Two weeks down, 20 to go


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