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Thursday, October 07, 2004

Go Pita! Go Pita!

My hats off to Peter Leko for playing one hell of a Marshall gambit today. Despite all predictions, I think the match had been very interesting and full of fighting chess. It seems he went way into clock debt to think his way to a winning position -- not the first time Leko has risked losing to win. My compliments also to Kramnik for playing into the Marshall. No doubt he thought he would be fine, but of course, there are safer choices he could have made.

Sadly I did not get to hear the play by play of Jussupov or his sandwich. I imagine if he had a sandwich today, he would have never had a chance to pick it up. Too much calculating.

Went to chess club tonight. Ironically, I do the least amount of exercises on chess club night because I'm actually playing chess. Had a few nice games. Can't say I'm feeling any "new vision", but my play was sharp and had a few nice combos. All in all not a bad night.

16 down, 139 to go


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