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Friday, October 08, 2004

54 ways to move your knight

Worked through some concentric square and knight sight drills tonight. Also spent a fair amount of time figuring all the minimum paths from d5 to other squares. I have come up with 5 different pattens (so far). They are:

1) d5-d4 - 3 moves, 12 ways
2) d5-e4 - 2 moves, 2 ways
3) d5-c3 - 1 move, 1 way (pretty sure on this one)
4) d5-d3 - 2 moves, 2 ways
5) d5-f3 - 4 moves, 54 ways

After pattern 5, I decided to call it a night.

Call to other quixotic questers
I have been exchaning a few posts with people on I invite all to join me in my romantic quest for Caissian tactical mastery as Knights Errant of De La Maza. Feel free to post your progress (or lack thereof) in the comments. You can also email me at The first of these questers is a man named PawnBubba who has accepted the alternative moniker Sancho Pawnza. Welcome Sancho! Hope you are sitting at home tapping queens around a hapless king on d5.

17 down, 138 to go


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