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Monday, December 13, 2004

Saved by Potluck

I think taking Thursday night off was a good idea. Friday night was marginal, and Saturday was hard to justify (although it was nice just to curl up with Dulcinea and watch a movie). Blowing off Sunday would clearly have been a mistake, and I was halfway there.

Sunday evening, we went to the in-laws for a Christmas celebration. Special visitors from out of town. Waddled home with a belly full of dinner and put the girls to bed. My bed was looking very nice. Get a good night's sleep ... Start the week off right ...

Then I remembered I had promised to bring a dish to the company Pot Luck luncheon. Sadly I have no talent for cooking anything that requires less than 2 hours. Everything I make well has to bubble on the stove for half a day. My choice for the pot luck was red beans & rice. The recipe, with no intended sarcasm, says to "cook for 3 or 4 hours". Nothing for it. Pulled out the onions and started the saute. Had the pot a bubbling by 9 PM.

Since I was up 'til midnight in an sleeping house, it was no problem to get cracking on chess problems. I think from here until the end of Circle One I am going to focus on studying the problems more than trying to get them right. I spend nearly all my time trying to figure out the lines and don't leave enough time to study the solutions. Even when the whole solution is out, it sometimes takes me a a bit to figure out why the position is winning. I think this is better use of my effort.

The break I took delays my Circle One schedule to finish on December 29th. That's good. I probably will lose another day or two between now and then (ya think), but I'd like to push to finish before the New Year.

75 days down, 80 to go
1055 probs down, 154 to go in Circle One


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