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Tuesday, November 23, 2004

Sliding another day

Still playing catch up. I am 28 problems behind on the Christmas day schedule. If I can get that number down to 17 , I think I will drop back another day as catching up sucks. It is hard enough to block out 2 hours a day without trying to add time at the end.

I got a reprint of an article in Chess Horizons about the esteemed Mr. De la Maza. It appears that during his run he was taking some time away from work. Apparently, he was laid off from a job and decided to take time off. I wouldn't begrudge him this time to devote to chess, but I must admit I am a bit miffed for a comment in his book. He suggests that if you have trouble finding the time to do the exercises you should get a particular time management book that outlines what is necessary to achieve your goals. Brave words from someone whose day was unencumbered by going to work or putting children to bed at night. Nonetheless, he was much more disciplined than I who would likely spend such time eating chesse doodles and reading Sci Fi books.

The article also gives an explanation about the mystery De La Maza -- why quit playing after such great success? De la Maza's answer was that it was hard to improve after Expert. He also, I believe, went back to school since he is now Dr. De La Maza. Perhaps new challenges were more exciting than chess for this obviously achievement-oriented, driven person.

Hope he returns to the board for fun on occassion.

59 Days down, 96 to go
786 probs down, 423 to go in Circle One


  • ha ha well it looks like Macon Shibout was right.A)Combine sucessfully.B)Find a purposeful move in a given time.
    C)a well-conceived plan.One thing chessplayer's probably have to do is have a "good" thinking (ie.analysis and evaluation process)method.This I beleive Dan Heisman and C.J.S Purdy have written in their many articles.Purdy even said that going over well-annotated games is very purposeful,helpful and help a player to refine this thinking process,not too mention that one must come up with maybe say a hundred plans from Classic Chess Games.But one must understand positional elements in their own games.However,I do believe you have the right idea to test de la Maza's idea it not off the mark.


    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:35 AM  

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