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Thursday, November 18, 2004

Another hiccup

Been away for a few days to visit my Dad who has just undergone heart surgery (He is done and recovering nicely). I have fallen a couple of days behind in the whirlwind of travel, etc, but I have not abandonded ship. In fact, there has been only one day when I did no problems -- the day before his surgery. The day of his surgery I actually completed almost a full run of problems while sitting in the waiting room. While my family read books and the like, I powered up my laptop and plowed through a few level 40's. Like at other times in my life, focusing on chess proved to be a pleasant balm for an anxious mind.

Still a little crazy, but hoping to return to a normal schedule starting today.

54 days down, 101 to go
674 probs down, 535 to go in Circle One


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