Man de la Maza

Friday, November 19, 2004


9PM last night. Staring at computer. Not much sleep for about 4 days -- 5 hours/night at most. Like to get 8. Bed calling, "Don. Daaawn. Put down your heavy burden. Rest. Chess problems can wait for another day ..."

No. I may get the remainder of the problems wrong, but I'm going to get them wrong on schedule. I return to the screen with new found determination and immediately am rewarded with getting 3 problems in a row completely wrong. The next problem looks no better. I see no real threats. Hmmm ... Let's try this. What looks out of place in black's position? King position is a tad under-defended and his rook on the queenside is undefended and in an awkward spot. Calculate a few lines on a kingside attack, but not quite enough to break through.

Then it flashes. One kingside line forces the king to cature a piece on h7 where a queen check will fork the poorly placed rook. The 5 move combination flows effortlessly.

This happened several times last night. I was trying to start off my analysis with thoughts about what looked "wrong" about a posistion. What I was able to do more easily was to see how several themes could combine -- combining combinations. Much like what Sancho described as "stringing several ideas together". Very satisfying when a 5 or 6 mover pops into your head. Never thought 6 movers would feel like 2 3 movers.

55 days down, 100 to go
695 probs down, 514 to go in Circle One


  • Hi man de la Maza,
    I sent you a e-mail which you asked quite promptly,Thank You.By the way,Jim The Blogger says he doesn't have time to do de la maza program.But if I'm right the article on 400 points had a modiflied program of 200 problems 8-6-4-2-1 the circles I calulated that it would only take 100 minutes to complete so if Jim you're up to it !!!!!!!!?????????.The original article is on and the Mass. State chess federation site.

    Thanks again,

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 5:10 AM  

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