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Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Cosmic Event

Former knight, Dread Pirate Josh, and I will be meeting this Thursday. We have been working together to breathe some life back into our local chess club. To my knowledge, it is the first face to face meeting of two Knight's Errant, former or otherwise. Prepare for a disturbance in the chess force on Thursday May 18th, about sixish.


  • Former knight?! I still consider DPJ a knight. He doesn't claim to be a knight errant anymore?

    By Blogger CelticDeath, at 7:16 AM  

  • Remember to take some pictures.


    By Blogger Pawn Sensei, at 12:24 PM  

  • For a Knight I recognize only two options: Graduation or postponing.

    By Blogger Temposchlucker, at 4:36 PM  

  • Cool the first recorded meeting of
    two Knights in person.
    The closest we have come in the past is having a tournament record of two Knights encountering the same unfriendly foe on seperate occassions.

    Let me know what kind of ideas you come up with on the club. We are trying to do the same thing with ours, "increase membership".
    So far we have hit on idea that works really well for maintaining the interest of those that we can
    get into the club.
    (Recruitment is our big issue.)

    An unrated Beginner's tournament that is open to non-USCF players and USCF under 1200 in rating. Just to initiate those interested in becoming USCF members.
    It is 3 round, game 90 format using USCF rules but with a subtle twist. The players are encouraged to ask about USCF rules related questions only. (i.e. proper draw claims, insufficient losing chances etc.) We have only had need for it on one instance in this first tournament.
    The plan is to make the transition into tournament play easier for new players.
    By allowing them to become comfortable operating a clock and recording score in a time control setting (long game) that most have never encountered. We offer trophies for the top finishers, it seems to help maintain the focus of a “serious” game.

    It sure beats the approach I encountered when I first started playing. Have your USCF membership? Entry fee is X dollars, Good luck! (Basically throwing players to the wolves.)
    So far it has been well received.

    By Blogger Sancho Pawnza, at 10:46 PM  

  • My first experience at a chess club was about a year ago, the Duke Chess Club. I went, and these two grad students were sitting there playing chess. I told them I was new to chess, and we talked about science a bit. Then they resumed playing. I asked a question every now and then, but it was clear they were trying to work on some opening or something. After an hour of watching them play chess I got up and left and never went back.

    Boy, was that fun.

    Flippin' Dukies. No wonder everyone jumped on the bandwagon against the lacrosse team. :)

    By Blogger Blue Devil Knight, at 7:23 AM  


    Notes on d4 play

    At one time I thought I was to become a d4 player playing the Torre.....Went through all this work and then decide to remain a e4 player. Also there are alot of traps in the Trompowski if you become interested in that as well.

    I wonder if playing the Kings gambit would be interesting if you had never done that before you start calculating from move 2.


    By Blogger takchess, at 1:01 PM  

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