Man de la Maza

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Welcome Knightwiz and Vic

Welcome to our newest members Knightwiz and Vic. I was just beginnning to think that membership was on the wane. New members seem to come in clumps. Must have something to do with solar flares.

Knightwiz seems well connected already having joined in conversations with a few of the knights. I hope he soon posts about the derivation of his name. I should think it short for Knight Wizard. There is the possible cheesewiz scenario or perhaps a habit brought on by a fondness for barley and hops.

Vic has actually been around for a few weeks, but his email has been languishing in my inbox. Should be an interesting blog to watch since he is a class A player working solely on endgames. Another interesting angle.

Welcome all and good luck!