Man de la Maza

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Did I say 100?

I really ought to think twice before I lay out these challenges/quests. I've been doing some research and come to the conclusion that 100 days is ... like ... a long time. I'm still working out the math with leap years and all, but i'm pretty sure it's more than 3 months.

Oh well. Nothing for it except to keep going.

24 days down, 76 to go.

Friday, September 29, 2006

Perhaps Mr. Spasky would like his chair checked as well

Oh Veselin, I was just starting to like you too. But, this?

If Kramnik was cheating in the bathroom, why was he not coming up with better moves? What did he do in the bathroom, for instance, that caused you to miss Rxg4 in game 2?

Methinks the Bulgar doth protest too much.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Creaky wheels

Ahhh. It all feels vaguely familiar.

Staring at a computer in search of a tactical contiuation. Can't see I'm seeing much results except that I'm starting to feel vaguely sick of it. Was feeling this way much more in the beginning of this week. Half an hour is not a big deal and a little less onerous than working through a certain number of problems. I worked through the first 300 intermediate checkmates and have switched over the material section. When I reach finish there, I will do draws and then the last 400 in the checkmate section. I think I'll go through them all again before moving on to the exercises.

One other thing that was funny. Friday night I got home late and was just too tired to do tactical probs. As such I skipped and did a full hour the next day. Doing the full hour felt much more natural. Felt like I could get in the zone more.

14 down, 86 to go

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Quest for the (somewhat) Holy Luncheon Butter Dish

So I'm doing the blindfold and endgame thing. It's coming not so bad. I have a plus score on my 11 year old in the last few weeks (though last night she beat me like she was MY daddy), and endgame study is coming along nicely. I could now describe the correct procedure for winning a Lucena or drawing a Philador or Vancura.

A week ago I decided I'd like to do some tactics again. Nothing too extreme like the 7 circles, but something more than "Maybe I'll do some tactics problems every once in a while". I wanted to have a regimen but not something that would exclude all other chess study. Something that was a quest but not as significant the Holy Grail. More like a quest for the butter dish that was used for lunch on the Wednesday before the Last Supper.

And so it began.

My goal is to do half an hour of chess tactics problems for 100 consecutive days. I have now completed 5 days. I'm using Renko's Intensive Chess Tactics 2 CD. So far, I've been doing the Intermediate Checkmates. I'm thinking I'll switch over to material section when I get about halfway through the checkmates. In a pinch, I may do probs from Halls "Combination Challenge" or the mythic CT ART.

5 Days down, 95 to go