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Monday, February 14, 2005

3 Weeks to Go

Spent the weekend whimpering in bed. Not exactly sick, but I think I was fighting off getting sick. Mostly I slept, ate, napped, did chess problems and read a bit ("The Glass Bead Game" is quite good. I am enjoying it immensely). One challenge for me of this program is that I need a lot of sleep. I like to get 8 hours/night and then at least one night of 10+ hours on the weekend. Needless to say, when one if adding 2-3 hours of chess problem onto a normal day, it is hard to get 8 hours of sleep. This week is gonna be particularly hard since in addition to normal commitments I have evening commitments on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday. Considering purchase of time machine.

Hit a couple of hiccups towards the end of last week. I only did 25 problems on Thursday instead of the scheduled 74. I went to 2 meetings Thursday night. Naturally the first made me late for the second, so I rushed in not realizing that I had left my keys in the ignition with the car running. Called the "Emergency Road Service" who took and hour and half to get to my car. I would have been indignant at the length of the wait except for my belief that people who are so !@#^&% stupid as to lock their keys in their running cars should consider themselves lucky to be allowed to live outside of a supervised facility. Friday night I only got through 35 (but I did get a date with the lovely Dulcinea). I was supposed to have today as a rest and review day, but I will be using it to catch up.

The problems continue to be a bear. I am working on the pattern recognition because the harder the problems get the more impossible it is to calculate any portion of the key lines. I am striving to keep improving my percentage correct at each level of each circle. So far so good, but frankly keeping the same percentage is challening enough when one halves the time to solve each time. In order to better track the average time it takes to solve, I am now timing myself on a chess clock to keep track of the overall time solved within a session.

134 days down, 21 to go
738 problems down, 301 to go in Circle Three
Level 10: 96%, 44 sec/prob
Level 20: 93%, 79 sec/prob
Level 30: 78%, 114 sec/prob
Level 40: 68%, 140 sec/prob


  • Don - I've actually locked my keys in the car with the engine running three different times. My wife got so fed up that she now makes me keep an extra car key in my wallet.

    By Blogger DG, at 6:43 AM  

  • A dropping percentage correct with shortened solving time is one of my main beefs with MDLM's system. It was the driving reason for me to tweak his program to suit me. I did find that if I focused on trying to solve correctly the puzzles I was trying to work, then speed came with repeated solvings. I got to where I could solve the level 40's with 97% accuracy while spending only 5-10 seconds on each.

    Sorry to hear about you being sick, Don. Hope you're feeling better soon.

    By Blogger CelticDeath, at 6:44 AM  

  • For to be taken into a supervised facility it is neccasary to be a danger for your environment. Leaving your keys in your car and following the program of the la Maza is supposed not to be.

    When I don't see a solution in time I just play through the solution and shrug my shoulders. This can happen 3 times. But in the 4th cycle I brilliantly come up with the right solution. At least so does it look to me. The 6th time I don't see any problem at all.

    By Blogger Temposchlucker, at 10:22 AM  

  • Hang in there Don.

    By Blogger King of the Spill, at 9:28 PM  

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